The Turks & Caicos yacht charters are the dream of many. Sailors and sea daredevils throughout history have come and gone in this area. It is no wonder that a famous film series talked about pirates roaming here throughout the centuries. To them, the Caribbean then and now has that charisma, the allure that attracts people from everywhere.

But now, you no longer have pirates patrolling the sea and terrorizing ships and seafarers. You now have tourists, droves of them, sailing and cruising, experiencing the wonders of nature, the exotic islands and cays, and the vibrant marine life. For many, a tourist’s life could only be complete if one has cruised those warm waters of the Caribbean.

It is something that we at Turks & Caicos Yacht Charters could give any tourist who wants a unique cruising experience, an experience of a lifetime. Cruising and sailing are our callings, and we offer the best in terms of vessel, service, and staffing. All you have to do is relax and enjoy as you sail.

But aside from cruising, we have other attractions as well. We can bring you to several diving sites. Diving sites in Turks are splendid and best during springtime when whales migrate. But the underwater scenery, in itself, is a sight to behold. Great corals, lettuce, and fishes adorned the wonderful seascape of the Caribbean.

Our itinerary will take you to the most wondrous places here in the Caribbean. You will have lunch at Salt Raker Inn, go to Water’s Edge, and then trip to Salt Cay on day two. On day three, you can cross the Great Turkish Passage, then go to South Caicos to dive or explore the village.

The remaining four days will take you to Flamingo Pond, at Leeward Marina or Provinciales, where you can play golf. Then we will go to West Caicos, for you to admire its beauty and wonder. Be ready with your cameras, and capture all those marvels before we go back for you to go home finally.

You can cruise in the Bahamas due to its proximity. We ensure that what you will have is a great, once-in-a-lifetime experience that will stay in your memories forever. Our professional staff will ensure that you have nothing to worry about except having fun and excitement.

Turks & Caicos Yacht Charters

If ever you decide you want to have that experience, and you want to tour Turks and Caicos, feel free to contact us. We are more than willing to help you have that wonderful experience of cruising and sailing the Caribbean.

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