Bermuda Yacht Charter


Bermuda Yacht Charter offers some of the most stunning pink sand beaches, magnificent marine life, breathtaking landscape, charming architecture, and mouthwatering cuisine in the world. Not to be disregarded are the superb diving conditions in the area.

Visitors to Bermuda can visit ancient shipwrecks and vibrant reefs by renting a yacht. The Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo, Bermuda National Gallery, Bermuda National Trust Museum, Bermuda Maritime Museum, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, and Fort St. Catherine in St. Georges are some of the island’s major features.

Additionally, a round of golf at the Belmont Hills golf course, tennis, squash, horseback riding, and taxi trips may all be scheduled through the majority of concierge services and select charter businesses. The perfect sailing location has a long history, a vibrant culture, and hospitable locals.

For those who enjoy diving, there are over 160 known shipwrecks, and the entire island has coral, making it ideal for snorkeling in the clear water. a hidden treasure that many tourists miss out on but those who have been there will never forget. Not to be disregarded are the superb diving conditions in the area. Beaches with pink sand are a lovely spot to unwind.

Day 1: Great Sound and Little Sound

Set out on a sundowner boat around Great Sound and Little Sound, passing a number of small islands, for a spectacular, unpolluted sunset that can only be seen on Bermuda in the middle of the Atlantic.

Day 2: The Crescent

After breakfast, depart from Hamilton Harbor for a day of snorkeling and water activities. In The Crescent, you may anchor out close to the North Shore Coral Reef Reserve and snorkel to pristine marine life and coral right from the swim platform.

Day 3: Castle Harbor

Leave for Castle Harbor before breakfast. The entry requires adequate lighting because there are several coral heads, but once inside, everything is peaceful. Discover Rusly Island, Castle Island, and Charles’ Fort Island. Explore Saint George town after lunch by taking a waverunner or tender to Saint David’s. Anchor for the night in the fortified Castle Harbor.

Day 4: Challenger and Plantagenet Bank

The Challenger and Plantagenet bank is 24 nautical miles southwest of Bermuda and excellent for trolling and bottom fishing. These two banks rise from 12000 ft. to 157 ft. and you are guaranteed to catch some big game fish here: tuna, marlin, Mahi mahi, and wahoo.

Day 5: Beacon Hill Bay

Everyone will appreciate the serene blue waters of Beacon Hill Bay, particularly the dolphin encounter and underwater adventure at Ireland Island, where you may feed domesticated wild fish in the open ocean adjacent to pristine coral and marine life. To take part, you don’t need to be a licensed scuba diver. After lunch, moor at North Hamilton Island and explore the caves at Hogfish Cove and Philips.


Day 6: Somerset Island

Following breakfast, proceed to Somerset Island and drop anchor close to Scout Fort. It is simple to travel the 5 nautical miles around Somerset Island on a jetski or tender and to stop to snorkel off “Vixen Wreck,” which is situated not far from Daniels Head. Snorkeling is permitted without permission. The Vixen was launched in 1867, and today the wreck is a protected diving location. Drop anchor east of Ports Island after lunch and go island hopping.

Day 7: Hamilton Town

Spend your final day ashore shopping or exploring the Crystal Caves/Fantasy Caves, where you can see the bottom of the pools 55 feet below you, the Bermuda Maritime Museum, and other local attractions. Leaving Bermuda behind and bringing great memories with you, it’s time to pack your bags and travel home after a delicious meal on board.

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We’ll be pleased to assist you in deciding which activities suit your personality and interests the best. Your crew and captain are experts. They are familiar with the locale and the greatest things to do. They can give advice on where to go fishing, diving, or snorkeling. They are aware of the locations of the remotest beaches. They can give advice on the top boutiques, eateries, or nightclubs.

We’ll provide you a food choice survey to fill out so we can figure out what kinds of meals you and your visitors would like to eat while you’re away. Along with your preferences, the form will ask about any dietary requirements, medical restrictions, or food allergies that any members of your party may have. Prior to your departure, you will also get the chance to ask any questions of a crew member. The team will next make your favorite cocktails and fresh, gourmet meals for the rest of the voyage.

Running costs are not included in the rates given for motor yacht charters and must be paid separately. Catamarans for sailing must be all-inclusive. The costs are determined by the number of people and cover all meals, drinks (including the typical ship’s bar), fuel, ice, and aquatic activities. Taxes, dockage fees, and communication expenses must all be paid individually.

Food, alcohol, fuel, dockage, port fees, and any other costs associated with the charter are considered running costs.
Typically, the operating costs represent 35% of the base charter fee. A 35% Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) will be paid in advance of your departure, giving the crew time to stock the yacht. A detailed breakdown of all costs will be provided to you at the conclusion of the charter. If there is still a balance, you will get a refund; however, if expenses are higher than the APA, you will have to pay the outstanding balance before disembarking.

Florida’s tax ranges from 6-7%, depending on the port of embarkation, while the Bahamian tax is 14%. The charter cost also includes tax.

What to anticipate if you have to cancel your vacation is covered in your charter agreement. To protect yourself in the event that unavoidable circumstances force you to cancel your trip, we advise buying cancellation insurance.

luxury yacht rental is made to meet all of your requirements for the entirety of your journey. The skipper and crew will do everything possible to meet and exceed your expectations. The captain’s first priority, however, is the security of his crew and the boat. He has the last say on anything that could affect the safety of passengers.

Yes. Although not required, leaving a tip is encouraged, especially if your yacht rental experience left you feeling especially satisfied. At the completion of your charter, you should give the captain a 15% gratuity.

Once you’ve decided on a yacht, we’ll place an “option” on it, securing it for 48 hours while you finish the paperwork. Then, a yacht charter agreement must be read and signed. We are happy to answer any queries you may have and thoroughly explain the terms. You must send your completed contract together with a deposit for the charter.

50% of the charter cost is required as a down payment; however, if there are less than 30 days to departure, the whole amount is due. The deposit is made via bank wire transfer and is kept in an escrow account by the principal agent of the yacht until just before the charter date. You have secured the yacht once we get your signed contract and down payment.

We’ll start collaborating with you to customize your charter. Your food and exercise preference survey will be delivered to you. We’ll set up a phone call for you and the crew. We will assist you in planning all charter-related details, including transportation in a limousine and flights.

If you are renting a motor boat, the APA funds and the remaining balance of the charter are due 30 days before the start of your trip.

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